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We are simple people, and simply stated: I love leggings. My husband loves art. So we thought, let's put the two together and make some pretty darn cool looking clothes.

But, we did want something more out of leggings too.  As a Fitness Professional, I am in some form of stretchy pants, 6 out of  7 days. I got tired of the same 3 pairs, and the same colors.  I saw a need to branch out and wear things I felt good in ALL the time and reflect who I am and how I feel...while also being able to trade out my workout shoes for sandals, throw on a different top, and head out to an outdoor concert, dinner, or just the grocery store.

Wearing What Moves You means being able to move comfortably during your favorite activities, but also wearing what inspires you to go after your dreams - to feel confident doing so. To be YOU.

The heart of LimbART values MOVEMENT, NATURE, and INDIVIDUALITY - a personal style that reflects who you are.  TO BE YOU.  If we can create just one pair that helps someone go after their dream and feel confident doing it... well, mission accomplished.

What inspires you daily and makes you happy?  Why not wear it?  What makes us happy is designing comfortable, creative, and colorful leggings that go along with our simple, yet active lives...that also reflect things that move us to action daily.  Our designs are inspired from nature, movement, favorite places, color, and life experiences and are created with the active, over-scheduled, low maintenance woman in mind.  Of course there are lots of things that can make us happy, but we just want to start with the stuff we wear.  Wear What Moves You, and be inspired by your own sense of originality and style.


For special design requests or questions, drop us an email.  We'd LOVE to hear from you!  shoplimbart@gmail.com